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When You Understand Group Dynamics, You Can Take Your Team To The Next Level

January 26, 2020

All organizations rely on people working together effectively to deliver products and services. In theory, it seems pretty straightforward: hire a bunch of people with the skills that you need and then set them a task, delegating specific things to members with the right expertise. 

One thing I've been learning as I grow my business is how to manage a team. At first, it seemed easy. I was sure a lot of people could be good fits to my growing blog and business.

But running a team in practice, however, is waaay more challenging. The main problem? Group dynamics.

Over time, if you aren't careful, your team as a whole can develop bad habits that lead to lower morale, less output, and more staff turnover.

As the following infographic shows, however, there are a bunch of solutions.

You don’t have to throw your hands up in the air and give up, saying it's too complicated. As a manager, you can make small tweaks around the edge, which have profound knock-on effects for the team in general. 

Managing people is never easy. When you have a clash of personalities, you’re bound to encounter situations where workers argue, fight, and disagree with their superiors.

One of the most potent ways to counteract this is to ensure that people in your team speak with each other face-to-face more often and don’t just rely on messaging apps or email. When you can’t see the person with whom you’re speaking, you’re much more likely to adopt a negative tone or be misunderstood.

Are you worried about team dynamics undermining your organization? If so, take a look at the following infographic below. It charts some of the benefits of making improvements and gives you actionable strategies you can use. 

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