Your Self-Care A-Z Guide (Updated for 2023)

January 11, 2021

Always look out for #1

You’re #1.

Breathe – even one deep breath helps

Try this next time you’re feeling overwhelmed or on the verge of distraction: take one deep breath in through your nose then exhale through your mouth.

Sometimes this is all it takes to find focus!

Call up friends.

Coffee dates, too.

Don’t say yes to everything.

Hey, if your 2022 was all about saying yes to everything til you were on the brink of burnout, make 2023 the year you say no. Remember, when you say no to something, you say yes to other – more important – things.

Exceed self-expectations.

Do you unconsciously set yourself up for failure? (Check out this post for signs you’re doing just that and what to do instead)

Fluffy things will never not-help.

If it’s a really bad day, no one will judge you if you totally want to cry into that pillow.

Get in those greens.

#EatYourVegetables2023! Alternatively, get active – pound the pavement, make time for walking. Do something for your body, yo.

Happiness journals!

Try writing down one thing that made you happy or grateful at the end of each day.

In case of emergency, break glass.

If you’re in need of help, don’t hesitate to reach out for it.

Just do the thing.

Yup, it’s almost 2023, and I’m still talking about just doing the thing.

Keep it simple.

You don’t need to go full-on minimalist for this one. But keep it simple for everything across your life – your to-do lists, your possessions, even your goals. Life’s complicated as is.

Live with yourself.

No, not the Paul Rudd Netflix series. (Sorry, Paul.) This means to be as completely self-aware as possible. Know who you are, know your strengths, know your weaknesses. Be who you are – but still try to be a better.

Make email time a scheduled time.

Unless your job involves primarily customer service or support-related tasks, then chunk in time to do email instead of constantly keeping that browser tab on. You could do without the distractions, sunshine.

No more not-sleeping.

Make sleep great again.

Open up.

Be vulnerable. Be imperfect. Be human.

People-pleasing? Bye-bye.

There’s too much pressure to make sure everyone likes you. We just don’t have the time for people-pleasing anymore.

Quit negative self-talk.

This is going to be a frustrating habit to kick in the face, but you’ll get there. In times of doubt, list down your superpowers.

Read. A lot.

Even if you’re not a big reader. Do nothing for a few minutes and just lose yourself in a book. You’ll thank me later.

Schedule breaks every now and again.

Not just long vacations. Even short five-minute breathers are important too.

Take up an interesting hobby.

Time and time again, novelty has been proven to lead to bouts of happiness. Break out of that rut.

Use those unpaid lunch breaks.

You don’t get paid to work through lunch. Enjoy your meal, talk to people, get away from your desk.


You’d be surprised what even a quick retreat away from the city can do for ya.

Work on those goals every day

Don’t be a hero and aim for 1,000 big things to do. Even one simple thing that will get you closer to those goals will help.

X-factor: you’ve got it.

Proud of you, superstar.

You gotta show up.

– even when you don’t feel like it. 😉

Zapier. It’s always been Zapier

Free up your day by automating some of those pesky to-dos. (Alternatively, use IFTTT or other apps to help you make the most of your days.) Woohoo! More time for #SelfCare2023.

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