4 Ways to Be More Productive as an Entrepreneur

January 26, 2022

Being productive is a juggling act. It's easy to get overwhelmed by the various tasks you have to tackle, especially when they're all important.

Entrepreneurs especially have it tough because so many things need to be done daily—from managing employees (unless you're a solopreneur!), managing your finances, crafting proposals, creating new products...phew! 

It's hard to stay productive as an entrepreneur. But don't worry! That's exactly why I'm here to help.

Check out my four quick and easy tips to become a more productive entrepreneur and start slaying those goals faster.

Develop a Routine

A routine is essential for being more productive. If you know how your day needs to pan out, you will likely do things on time rather than getting to it when you get to it.

Factor in your personal life too. Have explicit clocking in and off, regular exercise routines and meals, etc.

Carry this routine throughout your personal and professional life to help give you more stability, especially in the early days, as it will help you become more accustomed to being productive. And before you know it, you do things automatically, and it becomes second nature to you.

Delegate or Outsource Time Consuming Task

An easy way to become more productive as an entrepreneur is to delegate or outsource time-consuming tasks.

If you're a solopreneur, you might be able to delegate a task like a customer service inquiry. You could outsource functions like payroll processing or SEO to SEO experts if you're a freelancer.

This will keep your time free to focus on other essential tasks that need your attention. So rather than spending 3 hours responding to emails, spend 30 minutes delegating that task and then spend that additional hour working on your proposal for the new client.

Break Your Day Into Chunks

One way to stay productive is to break your day into chunks. This means that you will have specific times when you do particular things.

For example, you might set aside three hours in the morning for calls and meetings, one hour in the afternoon for writing, and two hours at night for reading and research. That way, you know when to focus on your calls or meetings, when to focus on writing, and when to focus on reading. It's easy to be a super productive entrepreneur by breaking up your day this way.

Want to see how I do this in my own life and business? Check out my post on how I use Google Calendar to become an organized productivity machine.



Know what your most important tasks are. This is vital to being more productive. You can't do everything, so prioritize what matters the most to you.

What's keeping you up at night? What are your top priorities? What needs to be done before anything else? Write these down and give them a ranking from 1-5, with 5 being the most important. It'll help you stay on track with your work by figuring out what needs to be done right now.

If you have a lot of different tasks, but can't decide which ones are most important, try this trick! Write them all down on a piece of paper or in an app like ToDoist.

Then cut off or fold over one side of the paper or screen (whatever works best for you) and rank them again based on importance. Now only a few tasks that are left will show!

Create a definitive list of priorities and figure out how long each task takes, then set aside time every day until it's complete. If you need more time than expected, schedule it for later in the day or week, but make sure you make your daily list first thing in the morning.

Never struggle with your content calendar again.

If you struggle staying on top of your content production, read this Ultimate Guide to a Productive Content Creation Workflow.

You'll absolutely transform the way you create and produce content for your platform. You can thank me later. 😉

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