3 Steps to Create Your Own Goal-Slayer Manifesto (with examples!)

July 1, 2020

Can't see the video? Click to watch: 3 Steps to Create Your Own Goal-Slayer Manifesto

Writing a powerful manifesto has been one of my favorite ways to stick to my goals all these years.

Watch the video above, where I show you my personal goal-slayer manifesto and walk you through 3 guide questions to create your own!

In this video:

  • See me read through The Goal-Slayer Manifesto. Fun fact: I wrote this back in 2018 and haven't changed it since.
  • 3 essential questions to help you craft your own manifesto. Then, see detailed explanations for each question to help you come up with effective, inspiring answers that will surely remind you of the big goals you've set.
  • Different actionable ideas on where to put your manifesto after writing it. Because I believe writing your manifesto is only the first step, check out my suggestions at the end of the video for 3 easy ways to always have it in front of you, and remind yourself of your goals and aspirations.

You can create one for your passion project, your creative business, or even one entire manifesto to sum up goals for every area of your life.


Level up your manifesto with the goal-getter playbook

Need help with writing a manifesto that's really based on the things that matter to you? I've got just the thing.

The Goal-Getter Playbook features essential journaling prompts and chapters to help you get clear on your Why, figure out your values, and determine your Next Big Goaldownload the playbook here, and then reuse it every single year.

It features self-knowledge quizzes, reflection prompts, and step-by-step goal-setting sheets to help you define big goals in your life, as well as giving you the keys to break them down into actionable, achievable pieces.

Soon, you'll go from dream-chaser to dream-maker in no time.

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