Quick Tips to Improve Your Marketing Campaigns (for Creative Entrepreneurs!)

March 22, 2021

Not making the sales you thought you'd be rolling in by now? Hey, sunshine, I get it.

Maybe the problem isn't your product or service — I'm sure it's amazing and worth every penny.  So before you do something like reinvent your offer one more time, here's what I recommend instead: give your marketing strategy another looksie.

Every business, whether you're a freelance writer, an online course creator, or are into software marketing, needs a solid marketing campaign. Without one, your business is going to be buried in all of the other businesses in your industry. And that's just not good, yo.

The good news, though, is that you don't have to Tesla's budget to be able to overhaul your existing marketing strategy and really let your business shine. 

So read on, my friend, and discover a few quick tips to help you revisit your marketing strategy and start making those sales.

5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Creative Business' Marketing Campaigns

Get clear on your marketing goals 

What do you want for your business? Is it better brand awareness? More sales? (Of course, sales is probably always going to be a goal, but not every campaign has sales as a direct consequence! Some marketing campaigns might be made to help build up your brand or look more credible in the eyes of your customers.)

Ask yourself this too: how do you want your marketing campaigns to work for you? Work out what you want to accomplish in your marketing efforts then map out what each campaign can do to get you there.

If you want to increase product awareness, for example, you may decide to go ahead and do more with your social media campaign. Or you'd tap notable influencers in your niche to get the word out about your brand.

Have a theme 

Each of your individual marketing campaigns has to have a theme — think of it as something that will guide you down your customer journey.

To help you build up your marketing themes, consider these things:

  • What is your ONE message you always want to convey through this campaign?
  • What are imagery you want to associate with your brand in this campaign?
  • What are the thoughts, feelings, or associations you want your ideal customers to make when they see your campaign?

clarify your Tactics

A marketing strategy is made up of marketing tactics. Tactics are the day-by-day activities you want to put up that will really flesh out your marketing campaigns and lead potential buyers into actual paying customers.

Some tactics can include going on LinkedIn and partnering with top influencers there. Other tactics might be limited time campaigns and promo periods.

If it suits your business model, maybe even a tripwire could work as a tactic. 

Whatever the case, choose marketing tactics that aren't sleazy and always align with your business's values. If you don't want to rely on tripwire marketing, for instance, don't! Choose the tactics that work best for your product and service, but also keep in mind how those tactics will communicate any non-spoken things about your business and brand.

remember Content is king

I love content as the base of any marketing campaign. I believe content is one of the best things you absolutely need to streamline too, especially with how time-consuming it can all be.

Create a productive content creation workflow that'll help you spend as little time as possible creating content for your creative business. Whether you're trying to batch YouTube videos, blog posts, or Instagram posts, there's a productivity system that'll work for you.

BONUS: Watch these videos that show you exactly how I batch my content in my own business and passion projects!

How to Batch 1 Month of Blog Posts in a Single Week:

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