How to Manage Business Stress in 3 Different Scenarios

October 26, 2020

Stress comes in a variety of shapes and forms. More often than not, the right answer to a stressful situation is to embrace mindful awareness, so that you are better equipped to respond.

Meditation and positive affirmations are some of the most effective approaches to manage everyday stress and anxiety, even though it can take a lot of time to master these techniques. 

But when it comes to business stress, whether you are running a side hustle or work for yourself full-time, sometimes you need a few quick boosts to get out of Stress City and back on track towards your business goals.

Managing business anxiety is all about picking those pebbles and getting rid of them, one after the other. 

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when Your blogging schedule has changed

If you’ve been creating content for several years, chances are that you hit a wall at some point. Sure, you’ve been on a journey as a content creator, and you’ve also figured out the right blog frequency for your schedule. 

But keeping consistent can be stressful in itself, and that might lead to creative burnout. Then this burnout can throw you off your consistency altogether.

Inconsistency in your blogging schedule might also come about because you're suddenly too busy with other aspects of your business. You suddenly need to focus on your product or service. Or life just happens, and other priorities can get in your way.

Does that make your blog irrelevant? Not at all!

Inconsistency is one of the hurdles of content creation, but it's one you can easily manage with a li'l strategic planning. Plan ahead in two different ways: your content, and even your blogging schedule, so you're on top of everything!

You might even find it easier if you partnered with someone who can keep you accountable, such as a business partner or another blogger who can keep you focused on your goals. I sure know I had a great time working with accountability partners.


Your service or product experience has changed

As a business owner, it's natural to go through several product or service changes over time. The more you get to understand your audience and your market, the more your products should change.

Whether you rely on market research or targeted user experience insight, such as the UserZoom solution, adjusting to what your customers want and need is critical to your survival.

If anything, you should be concerned about products that fail to adapt and grow. You should welcome changes as an opportunity to create better-targeted offers. It's all about that perspective, yo.

for extra help on that business:

Your audience is not always satisfied with your work

It hurts like hell to receive negative feedback from either a boss or a customer. (I know how it feels, junebug.)

Yet those comments shouldn't stress you out! Instead, turn that into a valuable lesson for your blog and biz.

Negative feedback about your services or activities can actually give you a nudge in the direction about how to improve and get you better results. While it’s fair to say that not all feedback will be fair or constructive, each one still has value. It's up to you to tune in to the feedback, yo!

Your turn

Business, as an entrepreneur or even an employee, can be stressful—I won't pretend it's the opposite, my friend. And that's okay. It's part of the process. So instead of wallowing in overwhelm and letting the stress get to you, why not listen to what stress is saying and then make changes from there?

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