The 3-Question Framework for Finding Your Purpose

January 10, 2019

Click to watch me talk about my 3-question framework for finding your purpose.

Purpose. It’s a tricky thing, one that could have you trying to figure it out but leave you paralyzed at the immense thought. How do you find your purpose? Are we only given one purpose, or do we have more than one?

Here, I try to walk you through the simple yet profound framework that I’ve used to help me figure out my “purpose.” Important note: our purpose can change, and this framework is something I visit regularly.

Sometimes I come back to this at the start of a big transition – maybe a new job, a major milestone I want to accomplish, a big move somewhere – and sometimes I just come back to this to remind myself about the purpose that I’m actively pursuing.

Because while we technically do find our purpose, we still need to make the conscious effort of figuring out what it is.

And part of the process means embracing that the process itself ebbs and flows. It’s realizing that our purpose can change, and that’s perfectly okay. We can’t be married to the idea of having just one purpose – we’re too complex and multi-dimensional for being pinned down to just one thing forever.

And because I know I’ve already droned on for too long, here is the simple 3-question framework I’m excited to share with anyone who’s looking to find their purpose.

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1. What do I enjoy doing?

Try to remember what made you happier when you were a kid. What activity, sport, hobby did you love when you were, say, 10 years old?

There are no wrong answers here. Try not to pressure yourself, either. Meaning, don’t try convincing yourself that you enjoyed doing something you actually didn’t.

If you want to find your purpose, the first step is to be completely, vulnerably honest.

And even if you enjoyed things you’re afraid weren’t cool (I’m almost slightly embarrassed to admit: I liked reading young adult fantasy-adventures a lot more than my peers), then that’s fine. You enjoy what you enjoy, so embrace that.

2. What am I good at?

It’s easy to think we’re not good at anything, especially when we start comparing ourselves to how far other people have gone.

But really stop and be honest here. What are some of the things you’re really good at – and are proud of?

You don’t have to be the best at whatever it is you’re good at, either. Just as long as you’re further along than somebody or most people at a certain skill or talent already counts. No fake humility allowed – be loud and proud about your talent!

3. What impact do I want to make on the world?

Yep, it’s pretty cheesy, but I mean it.

Ask yourself what kind of change you want to be, whether it’s for the whole entire world or even just the one in your own home.

You don’t need to aspire to change all seven billion people. If you want to make an impact even on just your friends or your family – or even just one person – then, hey, no one can judge you for that.

Really think about the kind of impact you want to be making.

Put them all together, then find your purpose

So you’ve asked yourself what you’re passionate about. You’ve looked at the things you’re good at. And you’ve answered the big, big question of the kind of impact you want to make in the world.

And in the middle of these three big questions? That’s where you find your purpose.

Purpose changes. It evolves, much like we do. But if we don’t want to fall into the trap of fickle-mindedness – you know, chasing a different passion, say, every month – then you need to remind yourself about this newfound purpose constantly. That is, at least until you feel certain that you’re meant for something bigger and better.

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