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I know you're a busy bee. So here's everything you need to know:

If you're a content creator, you know what it's like to wonder...

➡️ How you're supposed to be spending your time growing your audience when SO many articles, videos, and "influencer gurus" are giving you advice like...

Post 👏🏻every 👏🏻 single 👏🏻 day!

Get on this TikTok-killing app, ClickClock! 🗣

You HAVE to do video! 😤

You must be on 3 channels or MORE to reach creator success! 😵 😵😵

➡️ If you're supposed to "sell your soul" to beat the algorithms (ugh, do I really have to participate in those sleazy sponsored iPhone 15 giveaways?)

➡️ Whether you're really reaching your audience or if the only person who sees your new posts is your mom (thanks, Mom...)

➡️ If creating content for the internet is even worth it because everything has already been said and done, right?

What if no one cares about the content I'm putting out? 😕

You think the only way to make it as a creator is to hustle. Like there's no tomorrow.

So you pull up your laptop, open a new Google Doc, ready to plan out the next amazing thing that you're sure is going to go VIRAL and propel you into the Internet Hall of Fame with the greats like Emma Chamberlain, Casey Neistat, Charlie D'Amelio, and more...

...when you suddenly doubt yourself.

💡 Is this REALLY the post that's going to do it for you?

What if it's been done before? What if there's a BETTER idea somewhere out there, and you just haven't found it?

So you open a new tab on your browser and begin the rabbit hole search, "How to get more blog readers" / "How to get 10,000 Instagram followers" / "How to make a viral video" / "How to get featured on Apple Podcasts"

You get pumped. You've got loads of new ideas. ⚡️⚡️⚡️

But the doubt settles in again. Ugh, maybe those resources weren't enough. Maybe just...one more article? You only want to be sure, after all.

So you decide to spend another night in Google City, and all night long, your cursor on the now-forgotten Google Doc blinks on...


But life as a content creator doesn't have to be this hard, yo.

Starting and sustaining that creative passion project on the internet doesn't have to feel like running up a treadmill going nowhere.

If anything, it can actually feel like the best thing you've ever done. Just imagine...


because you have a productivity process that works for you—so even if you work full-time along with your passion project, you know you're doing whatever you need to do to make REAL progress.


because you have the right mental frameworks that has helped you align your content goals to a purpose that's bigger than becoming a generic social media influencer with no clear impact on other people's lives.


because you know your life isn't just about your content or your passion project—so you can have enough time for rest, hobbies, Animal Crossing, and what-have-you while still focusing on all the important life goals that matter to you.

Because in this program, we reject the "more followers" cult.

We reject the notion that only people with the multi-thousand followers and fame are the definition of successful creators.

We reject the unforgiving expectation that we have to publish new things daily, use all our free time to grow our audience, and stay on top of every single marketing trend if we're really to reach the right followers. 

Instead, we embrace the Productive, Purposeful Creator mindset.

What exactly is The Productive, Purposeful Creator mindset? 

It all fits into this neat little package of a program called...well, The Productive, Purposeful Creator.

What is tppc?| OVERVIEW

Now let's get right to the chase.

The Productive, Purposeful Creator is a 90-day program carefully designed for content creators who are looking to hit their creative goals the truly productive way.

The whole program teaches bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, and every kind of creator in between the essential mental frameworks and lessons you ought to know and have to not only stay consistent in your passion project but also to build your dream audience as you go.

Here are the 3 Pillars of The Productive, Purposeful Creator


This program is NOT a collection of productivity tricks, hacks, or apps. This is a tried-and-tested system to help you plan, create, and work on your creative passion project in a way that works for you.

You design your own productivity system, armed with a deep sense of self-knowledge and purpose.

real audience-building

No room for inauthentic "get followers quick" wannabees here. One of the backbones of this program is learning how to actually create content that organically grows your audience, so you're attracting people who are in it for the long haul.

It's time to stop chasing "more" followers and instead focus on attracting real fans. 

a whole lotta action

You won't just be left with a bunch of theories, concepts, and lessons—you're meant to take quick action and turn knowledge into results.

You'll not only know how to get the results you crave so badly—you'll also actually do the work you need to get them.

How do I know this program works? Easy: because it was built with transformation—your transformation—in mind.

Let's face it: you probably have so much information as is. *looking right at that folder of bookmarked articles and videos on your browser, yo.* 👀

But you don't need more information. You need real transformation.

In The Productive, Purposeful Creator (TPPC), I've cut out the fluff and only included what you absolutely need in order to change and impact the way you plan, create, and live as the productive, purposeful unicorn you are.

Hey, I've been there, my friend.

When I first started my passion project (aka this blog & biz you now see), I was hoarding all kinds of How-To articles, video case studies, and saving every little bit of info that so much as teased the results I wanted.

But all that time I spent researching and info-hoarding and somehow believing Google was my new best friend? It led to a lot of confusion, frustration, and time honest-to-goodness wasted wondering which of two conflicting strategies to actually follow.

With The Productive, Purposeful Creator, I'm sharing exactly how I got to A) transform my creative life with more productivity and purpose, and B) grew an audience that sends me messages and comments like...


Modules & Main Learning Outcomes

Module 1: One Clear Mission

Our guiding principles in The Productive, Purposeful Creator

We begin by getting you in the right mindset as you start the course—which will be your North Star throughout the remainder of the course and even when you're finished. 

the piche values framework to find your unique value in a crowded space

A common passion project question I get is, "How do I differentiate myself when so many creators are doing the same thing?" The answer: The PICHE VALUES Framework, designed to help you find your unique value that will attract an audience for you.

the magic manifesto methodology

You probably know the main purpose and impact you want to have with your content—but does your audience know that too? With this methodology, you're able to create a magic manifesto that will 1) resonate and attract the right audience for you, and 2) as a bonus, help you organize your thoughts and creative ideas so you never have to ask the question: "But will my audience like this?”

Module 2: Planning Systems

Whether you're a certified planner addict or a "non-planner," you'll learn the productive way to plan out your passion project goals. You'll also walk away with a roadmap to accomplishing your passion project goal, so it's clear what you need to do every day to get the results and progress you crave.

END RESULT: You'll have a crystal clear outcome you want to achieve, plus an even clearer roadmap of how to get there.

Module 3: Personal Habit Systems

non-negotiables for passion project warriors

Your passion project isn't separate from your entire life; it's a part of it. So if you want to consistently create content, grow your audience, and hit your goals, then there are a few non-negotiable tasks you need to incorporate into your daily routine to ensure those results. And you don't have to worry about spending tons of hours on this, too—this non-negotiable checklist only takes 30 minutes to an hour every day to complete.

the simplest way to stick to all your systems

Sticking to new systems can be a challenge, but there's a way to make it so fuh-reakin' easy—you'll probably want to use this for your entire life, and not just your passion project. Consistency is meant to be simple, yo. So why should we make it any different?

Module 4: Creation Systems

transforming your creative mindset

Being a creator means grappling with a lot of doubts, limiting beliefs, and mental obstacles that sometimes keep us stuck. You'll learn an important mental exercise you can practice every day to get better at kicking imposter syndrome to the curb.

fixing your environment

Productivity isn't about more apps, more items on a to-do list, or more complex systems. Productivity is about simplifying. This chapter shows you the sneaky stumbling block that is Infinity Pools and how it affects our productivity—then you'll learn how to defend yourself from these Infinity Pools and design an ideal productive environment that works for you.

Module 5: Scaling Content Growth

audience-building content on steroids 

You'll learn the important Hero Framework that will make sure every piece of content you put out into the internet is content your audience will love—even if you're starting from scratch. Whether you're starting from absolute zero or have been grinding at your passion project for years, you'll have the tools you need to grow your audience with content that has people-resonating purpose and unapologetic impact.

sleaze-free content promotion and distribution

Promoting your own content can feel icky—but it doesn't have to be. We take away the sleaze from marketing and plugging your content, using proven techniques and strategies that help you connect with other creators and your audience (even from scratch). So you can finally say your mom isn't the only one checking out your new content. :)

evaluating your content performance

If you've been following me for a while, you'd know that I am all about those reviews, yo. And aside from the introspective, journaling-type reviews that help you measure your personal transformation and growth, you of course need to know how to effectively measure your content's success. This dummy-proof chapter shows you what you need to pay attention to when measuring your content's impact and performance, which you can later use to supercharge your next action steps.

I only teach things I've implemented in my own life, passion projects, and business.

And I only teach people who are serious about growing an engaged audience that LOVES their work.

So let's get something straight here...

This program is NOT for you if:

You're after a "get followers quick" scheme.

I hate to break it to ya, but there is just no way to get "quick, easy" results when it comes to truly transforming your content creation process and building that dedicated, engaged audience of your dreams.

Any person that promises fast followers likely gives you a one-way ticket to Sleaze Town (population: Bots) to get that audience growth—and you just can't make an impact with bots and people who don't actually love your content. 

You want 100% of the results without doing any of the work.

Listen: only going through the lessons without actual implementation just won't get you the results. Your success depends entirely on how willing you are to make things happen as well as the effort you put into it. 

I've designed this program to be as 1) easy to follow along, and 2) actionable as possible, so it's up to you to decide what's more important: your transformation or your excuses.

You aren't willing to grow into the creator you need to be.

Transforming your content creation progress and your personal productivity system requires changing things in your life—whether it's your mindset, your habits, or your work ethic—and that requires active action on your part.

Change can be uncomfortable, it can be scary, but how can you grow as a creator if you aren't willing to adapt and change to welcome the creator you want to be?

"It's a happy kind of tired."

Oh, hey! Another photo of me on this page. But this one comes with a quick story that I really wanted to share with you.

I snapped this photo after recording two looooong videos for my blog. You can tell from the lav mic still strapped to my blouse, lol.

The entire shoot ('cuz I'm a one-woman show) took about 4 hours—and, in case you couldn't tell by my eye bags, I was really tired at the end.

But I felt SO happy. I was yet again hit by the truth that I was working on something that had real impact on other people's lives, and I knew I wasn't chasing "million" follower counts or "million-dollar" business standards that were only burning me out.

After this, I wrote this phrase in big bold letters inside my gratitude journal: "Had a long day of productive shoots. I'm tired, but it's a happy kind of tired."

In case you're curious, here's how The Productive, Purposeful Creator mindsets and frameworks have impacted my own life:


I didn't have to beg my friends and family to read or like my posts because I knew who I wanted to reach and the impact I wanted to have in their life—and I made sure to do the work to reach the audience that resonates with me.


Yup, just check all my social channels—I'm not a mega-influencer, yet I got to start a sustainable side hustle I loved that later evolved into this business you see today.


There was a time I felt sick to my stomach working on my passion project (aka this blog and biz).

But when I shifted my mindset and changed my systems to focus on what truly matters, I get to show up as the creator and person I want to be—not the creator that those gurus pushing you to get 100k followers tells you to be.

To test the frameworks and lessons I show you in this program, I decided to start a brand new YouTube channel from scratch earlier this year.

And here are just SOME of the comments I've received from my audience on that baby-sized channel:


But, hey, don't take it from just me...

Pauline launched her BOOK blog, complete with 5 SOLID posts + an email newsletter FROM ABSOLUTE SCRATCH

Skimming Spines Book Blog

Because of TPPC, I’ve established a system where I can work 2 freelance jobs while working on my blog, and NOT feel overwhelmed. To be clear, that's writing 6 articles a week, 2 newsletters all while creating my own content, and building my website!

I feel a lot happier because I know I achieved something big, so I don’t feel unproductive or like I’m wasting any time.

Before launching my blog, I was afraid no one would care or notice—but I got my first 11 email list subscribers on the first couple days from absolute scratch.

From a “vague dream” I had 90 days ago, it’s now an actual thing that I have real goals for. I have a clearer picture of what I want for it, what I want it to be, who I want it to be for, and where it’s headed in the future.

I really loved the Hero Framework from TPPC, and I think that lesson totally turned my blog around for me. Before the lesson, I was unconsciously leaning towards what I want to talk about—and I think that’s also where a lot of the “well what if no one cares?” mindset came in; because I was insecure that no one would care about what I think.

I keep coming back to my notes from that lesson everytime I feel that “what if no one cares” feeling, just to remind myself of what I really should be focusing on—which is to guide my audience to the books that will make them fall in love with storytelling even more. 


  • Getting her first 11 (!!) email list subscribers during her launch weekend (True fans alert!)
  • Having up-and-coming local bookstore, Bookshelf PH, reach out to her to become a partner and ambassador after being identified as one of their top book bloggers in the country.
  • Actually launching her blog (instead of just dreaming about it)...and not losing her mind trying to do it.
  • Adopting the most important creative mindsets to keep iterating, growing, and nurturing her community on bookstagram


She makes everything simpler to understand—I got so much clarity about how to get on the road to achieving my goals as a creator and entrepreneur from her action-driven teaching style.

Elena Ramirez

Agency Founder



Because of Mica, I found answers to all my questions, then knew exactly how to start my passion project. It was awesome!

You can really tell Mica wants you to succeed. She is SO empathetic, awesome, polite, friendly, and really knows shows you the way to achieve your goals. 

Her enthusiasm to help you succeed actually makes you WANT to succeed too.

Amerit Brandi




Art and Letters by Kaye

I've been a wannabe artist & creator who felt stuck in-between the pressures of life, career, and working on my passion project; wanting to create content but not knowing what I really wanted to make. 

I am extremely grateful for stumbling upon Mica's course (and even prouder that I was one of the beta-testers!) 

Throughout this course, I had to work on knowing how my brain functions, and why I was so resistant to most productivity systems. (Trivia: I find out that my biggest tendency is to be a rebel 😅)

A lot of the confidence I have now as a creator and artist is definitely inspired by Mica and her program, TPPC.


  • Launching and selling a beautiful calendar set with another artist ("We had sold over 32 sets, even though our initial plan was just to sell 15 pieces.")
  • Finally (!!) releasing her first ever YouTube video (that she's been thinking about since late last year)
  • Seeing Instagram engagement go up more than her client with over 60k followers (Hey, meaningful metrics and numbers like this matter!)
  • Getting invited to a podcast interview, where she spoke about overcoming her biggest mindset roadblocks as a creative
  • Announcing that she is officially hosting a watercolor workshop in August this year

Peek the lessons!

Homework Overview

The 360º Life + Passion Audit

The Four Tendencies Quiz

The Gap Map

Our Guiding Principles for TPPC


Purposeful Productivity

A True Audience versus More Followers

The PICHE VALUES Method for Finding Your Value


What is the PICHE VALUES Framework + How to Use It

The Magic Manifesto Methodology


How to Reel in True Fans with The Magic Manifesto Methodology

Writing Your Own Magic Manifesto

The 90-Day Plan


The Quarter Action Planner

Elements of an Effective, Productive Weekly Review

Cornerstone Content


Pillar Content

Non-Negotiables for Every Passion Project Warrior

The Hidden Benefit of Non-Negotiables

How to Stick to a System using Habit Stacks

The Unshakeable Creator


Break Glass in case of Emergency

Unlocking Flow


Understanding Distractions

Getting into Deep Focus Work

Your 45-Day Progress Report

Creating Consistently Great Content Audiences Love


The Hero Framework

Zero Audience Content-storming: Spy Mode On

Whaddaya Want from Me? How to Get Your Audience to Tell You What They Want

Basic Content Planning using Project Management Apps

Distributing Content (without the sleaze)


Zero Audience Marketing

Squeezing the Lemon: Content Repurposing

Reviewing Content Performance


The Vanity Trap that Keeps Creators Stuck in a Rut

The Data Driving Method

Mica's Chekov's Gun: Coming Full Circle

What Comes Next?

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Why I Deleted 2,000 Subscribers

How I Got My Blog Post to the #1 Search Result on Google

100+ Content Ideas that Attract and Grow Your Audience

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The free class teaches you how I turned my tiny hobby blog into my full-time creative business because I attracted, grew, and nurtured an audience of TRUE fans who truly saw value in my work—and I want to teach you the same thing.

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I really love TPPC. Everything was really exactly what I needed per week—it's wild.

I love the emphasis on prioritizing quality content and quality engagements with our TRUE audience—definitely something that's heartwarming to hear when you're just starting out and still very unsure of a lot of things for your content creation platform and plans.

I super appreciate this program!! I definitely don't think I could have launched the website by myself, and without it.


This journey with TPPC is very timely for me.

I realized that the course did not only contribute to what I really want for my passion project, but it also served as my guide while I tried to adapt and rediscover myself in this new life I am in as a creator. 

I now truly understand my values, my character, and my WHYs, and that makes me more motivated to work on this creative dream of mine.

P.S. I also realized how all the next lessons are connected to my roadblocks. I told myself, "Why didn't I just proceed with the lessons right away?" I could have spared myself from the burden of stressing myself out, hehe.


Mica and TPPC has equipped me not just with tools and workflows and knowledge on how to create effective and engaging content, she has also given me permission to be my imperfect perfectionist rebel self...without me noticing that I was showing up to do the work anyway. 😀

Hey, if you have a stubborn mind that keeps telling you that you don't have anything content-worthy to say or create BUT you're seeing yourself as a creator in the future, then TPPC's perfect for you!

I am proud to be a TPPC graduate!

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