Check Out These 5 Easy Ways to Get a Little Extra Cash Every Month

October 27, 2018

As a self-confessed serial side-hustler, I know what it’s like to want to earn money from home. After all, the littlest bit can go a long way!

While there are a ton of side hustles and money-making ideas I can think of at the top of my head (want to see a list of 350 passion project ideas?), I want to keep this post short and sweet.

So here, I’m zooming in on 5 easy little ways anyone can do if they want to earn money from home and stop relying just on your paychecks.

Want to earn money from home? Here are 5 different ideas to help you make extra money each month, from home and no part-time jobs necessary. Get your own side hustle ideas that you can do from home right here.
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Sell your old things

You really can’t go wrong with selling your old things.

It’s one of the easiest ways to earn money from home. After all, you don’t need to start some big business or earn capital. All you need are some old things you’re willing to part with, some good photos, and tada.

I’ve personally made a killing with my old things. From clothes to bags to shoes, it really surprised me how much people shopped secondhand.

Which makes sense. I mean, young generations like millennials like to thrift shop. And that’s great news for people like us looking to declutter!

How to sell old things successfully

Three things here.

First, make sure the quality of the item is still reusable, i.e. it doesn’t have any holes or major imperfections. Rule of thumb: if you wouldn’t buy it off someone, chances are no one will buy it off you.

Next, take nice photos! You won’t believe how many people look at your things differently when you just style them great. If you’re photographing clothes, try taking photos of outfit inspirations to go with what you’re selling.

And lastly, be a great seller. You can sell on Instagram or any online buy-and-sell site. But what’ll keep people coming back is if you make the experience of buying with you seamless and smooth. So be nice!

Pretty soon, you’ll earn money from home just from getting rid of things you don’t need anymore.

Take on freelance clients

One of the best ways to earn money from home that doesn’t require selling stuff is, well, selling your services!

If you like to write or are handy on design, offer writing or graphic design services.

Remember: there are always going to be people out there that will need your help one way or another!

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How to successfully find freelance clients.

Try posting a short and sweet message on your social media that you’re taking on some clients. Be sure to add any helpful material from your website or portfolio too!

Or you can try sites like Fiverr to get you some clients. The gig economy is rising, and that’s a good thing for side hustlers like you!

Plus, aside from being able to earn money from home, you get to practice some awesome skills!

Be a virtual assistant

Okay, so this might sound a lot like the previous item on this list. But a virtual assistant is a very specific kind of freelancer.

You might not want to offer any creative work because, hey, that stuff can be draining and time consuming. So why not try the next best thing?

Be someone’s virtual assistant!

There are a ton of tasks that people are looking VAs for. Things like transcribing interviews, posting on social media, or even managing their schedule each week.

There’s also non-client virtual assistance. Say, survey sites or apps that ask you to help develop their artificial intelligence by taking photos of things around your house.

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How to successfully become a virtual assistant

You might want to try asking some of your busy solopreneur friends if they need any assistance. Chances are – they do!

If that’s not your thing, then you can also look on freelance sites like Fiverr. Or get on Facebook groups for small business owners and ask around there. You’re bound to find someone looking to hire their first VA.

There are also sites and apps that let you earn money from taking photos of things or answering surveys. Take a look at this list while you’re at it.

Teach a workshop

If you’re still reading this, then I’m willing to bet my blog that you’ve got knowledge on something not everyone does.

You know, things like makeup or dancing or calligraphy. Listen up, my friend: you can earn money from home by teaching a workshop!

Now before you go all up in face and say, “Yeah but, Mica, I’m not good enough to be teaching a workshop yet!” Let me stop you right there.

There are always going to be people looking for someone to teach them what you already know!

Just think back to where you were one or two years ago. What did you wish you knew about, say, hand lettering or oil painting? Or yoga or crochet?

Someone’s bound to be looking for the exact things you know how to do!

And before you come at me one more time with the “I’m not ready” excuse, allow me to direct you to one of my all-time favorite posts on why you should never wait until you’re ready.

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How to successfully teach a workshop

Your workshop doesn’t need to be a huge event. Depending on what you’re going to teach, it can just be a small gathering in a coffee shop with 3-4 students.

Try giving a whirl on social media and promote your idea. I’m certain people who follow you and your work will be interested to learn from you.

If you haven’t been sharing your work yet, then this would be a fantastic time to start!

Or if you remember anybody who’s ever asked you how you “do that,” then reach out and offer to teach them! Trust me, teaching a workshop will be one of the funnest ways to earn money from home. You’ll love it!

Sell customized products

If you’re crafty and want some sense of creative fulfillment as you earn from home, then you can sell something customized.

Like knitting a whole scarf for a friend in her favorite colors. Or making personalized notebooks. Or painting unique watercolors just for someone.

Really use your head and find out how you can offer something customized. I know some people who learned to make jewelry, then engrave personalized messages or words for people. Or printing out a custom shirt design.

One reason this can work really well is that people are always looking for gifts to give. Whether it’s for someone they love or for themselves, a customized gift is really special.

So go on and meet these people’s needs! I think that’s absolutely one of the best ways you can earn money from home – by helping someone with something they really need.

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How to successfully sell customized products

I’m a big fan of pre-selling, aka gathering interest (and even buyers) way before I launch anything.

If you’re interested to see my step-by-step process for making sales for a product that technically doesn’t exist yet, check out a post I wrote on that here.

Be sure to ask around in your network! You’ll never know you might be looking or who might be willing to support you.

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Earn money from home and make it meaningful

We’ve covered a lot of things in this list. Yet if there’s one thing I hope you take away from this, it’s that you can start a meaningful, purposeful side hustle right in your bedroom.

Do things that will make you feel better about your life, and really put yourself out there. After all, you’ll feel amazing when you try something new. Did you know novelty can also make us way happier?

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