How to Sustainably Earn Extra Income in a Crisis

October 27, 2020

COVID-19's impact on us is pretty immeasurable. Some of us are fortunate enough to experience mostly mental and emotional pandemic anxieties, but for others? That might not be the case. I'm talking about anybody who's experienced any loss of income, business, or even their downright job because of COVID-19. Because of that, we're turning to different ways to earn extra income in a crisis.

I suppose we're pretty fortunate to live in the Internet Era. It’s possible to make a full or side income online now, and if you're experiencing a dip in your usual cash flow, this might be where you're looking first.

Supplemental or side income is perhaps more important than ever right now, my friend. And while my expertise lies in making money as a blogger and entrepreneur, I won't say that blogging is the only  way you can earn extra income from home.

So in this post, I want to show you different ways to earn money online that isn't just blogging, especially to help you through COVID-19 uncertainties.

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Trading Opportunities

Trading opportunities are pretty lucrative. You're essentially allocating a little bit of your savings into a side account that slowly grows with basic, low-risk investments.

Probably one of the most popular of these investment opportunities is Forex trading, that gives you ways to make use of fluctuating foreign exchange rates—something that's become somewhat of a rollercoaster to track in the COVID-19 era.

I have many trading-savvy friends who earn income via trading on their own. I'm personally not trained at that sort of thing, so I'd most likely (and honestly) rely on a trusty broker to help me through it. Learning how to trade and invest can also be pretty time-consuming, but if you have the resources and the spare hours, I'm sure it can be a very profitable and fruitful way to spend your time.

Freelance Work

Freelance work is one of the best ways to earn extra income online because every business just about needs a freelancer.

I'm also in love with how freelancing can help you develop as a creative and professional in ways that a full-time job might not allow. In fact, my own creative business began as a freelancing career, as a content writer for different blogs and publications. Man, those were the days.

Using a Squarespace or WordPress website to host a portfolio of your work and applying to positions through Upwork, or through artistic platforms, or even in outsourced opportunities through the major providers are all different ways to get started. 

Want to read more about creating a fruitful freelancing career? Check out my How to Start Freelancing blog series below:

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And as an added bonus, why don't you pick up my essential Freelancer Kit? This contains simple templates for invoicing and contracts you can use to instantly look ultra profesh when you start pitching those freelance clients!

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Consulting & Outsourcing

Okay, so as a coach and consultant, I honestly thought my business would go down the drain because of COVID-19. I figured, "Oh no, no business or creative person is going to want to invest in coaching and consulting in a global pandemic and recession. I'm doomed!"

But oddly? That wasn't the case. If anything, my business grew because I actually adapted my services and offered to hold my clients' hands as we navigated through these unprecedented times together.

If you have expertise in something—be it in making sales online, using tech tools for remote teams, or even how to keep employees engaged—you might have some amazing opportunities for offering a consulting service.

Get in touch with small to medium local businesses and offer your expertise. Sure, you'll probably get a ton of rejections, but that's normal even if we weren't in the middle of global pandemic. Just remember: there is space for everyone, so put yourself out there and find the clients that will adore working with you.

earn extra income in a crisis

We can't control many things from the aftermath of COVID-19, be it strained emotional health or losing our job. But we can control what we do from here. I hope this post gave you different ideas for earning extra income even in the middle of COVID-19. As always, it's up to us to make the most of what we're given—so take those few tiny steps

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