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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Start a Creative Business

November 27, 2019

According to Upwork and Freelancers Union, majority of the United States workforce will be freelancers by the year 2027. That's not even considering how many more freelancers there will be across the globe.

Countless of people have launched their own startups and companies, and countless more will have some kind of side hustle outside their full-time money-maker.

All this shows is that creative entrepreneurship is on the rise. And if you're reading this, you're probably interested in it too. 

If the path of the creative entrepreneur is for you – then great! Join the tribe of people out there designing their lives with more creativity and purpose (it’s why I started my blog and biz in the first place).

But the decision to start a creative business shouldn’t come lightly. I’ve previously written about the reasons you should start a creative side hustle or business, but this time?

This time, I’m writing about the top 3 reasons you probably shouldn’t start a creative business.

With all the posts about why you should start a creative business, here are posts explaining why you SHOULDN'T start a creative business. Read this to find out why you might not have the right reasons to become a creative entrepreneur.

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Reason #1: You're only in it for the money.

Hey, don’t get me wrong here. A lot of creative entrepreneurs started on our path because we knew we could be making more income than our 9-to-5s.

But if the only reason you want to start entrepreneur-ing is purely profit, you might be disappointed, my creative friend.

Yes, you should definitely be thinking about profit margins and income goals and all that cool stuff, but if it’s the ONLY thing driving your business dreams, I’ve got some news for you.

There are a lot of risks you’re going to take – including spending some money on what you believe are investments or assets. Sometimes you'll lose a bit of money, and you'll wonder why you ever chose this path to begin with.

If you want to start a creative business because you’re only in it for the money, you might want to reevaluate.

Instead, shift your motivation from purely profit to offering value.

As an aspiring creative entrepreneur, you should be coming from a place where you want to provide value and help people. You believe your know-how and products can really make a difference in someone’s world, and you want to give the best possible value you can give.

Like Jessie J said. It’s not [always] about the money, money, money.

As an aspiring creative entrepreneur, you should be coming from a place where you want to provide value and help people.
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Reason #2: You think it's all fun and no work.

Whoever said "do what you love and you won't work a day in your life" was kinda stretching it – we creative entrepreneurs still work really hard, and we experience some pretty tough seasons.

Yes, it’s a huge win in itself to be doing the work that we love. Not many people have the privilege to carve those opportunities for themselves. 

But to say that it’s all play and no work? That’s an illusion, my friend.

You’re probably going to work harder than you ever have before, knowing that your income lies on your ability to create amazing products, deliver high value, and consistently over-deliver to wow those customers and clients.

This could mean low income months, dealing with lost customers and clients, rejections, and a cacophony of everyday issues that could come up. (Website getting hacked? Videos not playing? Products not getting delivered in time? We’ve been there.)

A creative business that we love just makes it easier to deal with the tough times and moments. But if you aren’t willing to embrace the difficulties that come along with the ride, maybe it’s time to shy away, little butterfly. ?

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Reason #3: You're looking for an easy "get rich quick" scheme.

So...I hate to disappoint you, but anything that claims to be a “get rich quick” plan? It just doesn't work.

If they did, think about it. Why aren’t more people rolling around in their own easy-made dough?

A lot of quick rich schemes make big, lofty promises – “earn your first $1,000 in 24 hours!” “How this homeless man went from $0 to $1 million in 6 month!”

Plus, they even come with even more unclear “secret” methods and systems – “our SUPER SECRET formula to make 10X more money EASILY” “all the secrets and tools are yours if you BUY NOW!”

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The truth is: starting a creative business is a lot of hard work in the beginning. 

You might not make any money your first month, or your second...or even your third. 

Some people do make a ton of money the first time they launch, but that’s probably because they have some experience in another industry. 

A lot of these explosive results from other entrepreneurs are sometimes just the tip of the iceberg – what you don’t see is all the experiments, money, and investments they put in to be able to get their amazing hard-earned results.

That six-figure blogger you’re super jealous of, who claims her first launch earned her 5-figures, probably had multiple failed or low-income launches in her first business.

That travel blogger whose entire million-dollar income is now from affiliate marketing probably took years before she saw those kinds of results.

That’s just the thing: you will get results eventually. Just don’t expect them right away. 

You also have to be implementing the RIGHT kind of systems for your creative business in order to enjoy the growth, impact, and income you aspire for.

But, hey, don’t let that scare you away from your creative entrepreneur dreams. Nothing worth it ever came easy. ?

A lot of these explosive results from other entrepreneurs are sometimes just the tip of the iceberg – what you don’t see is all the experiments, money, and investments they put in to be able to get their amazing hard-earned results.

Doing it for the wrong reasons leads to failure

If none of these reasons resonate with you – if you truly want to provide value to other people, if you’re willing to put in the work, and if you’re willing to fall down seven and get up eight – then congratulations, my friend.

You’re about as ready as can be to start a creative side hustle or biz. ?

Also, here’s a fun little bonus for you: if you want to know what kind of creative business best suits that unique personality type of yours, take my free quiz(I also give you free resources showing you how to get started, depending on your results!)


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