52 Content Ideas to Grow Your Audience (even from scratch)

October 15, 2021

After watching this video of content ideas to grow your audience from scratch, you are never going to run out of content ideas ever again.

Here are 52 video ideas for when you have nothing to post. Yes, 52 ideas. So if you're a weekly content creator, that's exactly a year's worth of content for you.

And side note: most, if not all of these ideas can work across any platform, from YouTube to blogs, podcasts, and Instagram or TikTok or whatever sexy new content creation app is the in thing, so get creative and put your own spin on these.

Idea number 1: The Top 10 List

If you like ranking things, compiling only the BEST of the best, then make a top 10 video. It can be anything at all in your niche — so like a top 10 episodes list from your favorite TV show, a top 10 list of the best coffee makers in the market, or heck maybe a top 10 list of your favorite videos from a YouTuber you love?

Idea number 2: Comparison Breakdowns

If there are two popular things out in your industry right now, why not make a detailed comparison that pits them against each other? I see videos like these all the time. Which one's better: the M1 MacBook Pro or the M1 MacBook Air? The Ultimate Showdown: Asana vs Trello.

Help your audience make a decision about a particular thing, and don't be afraid to go a little polarizing — as long as it's not divisive, there's a difference.

Idea number 3: The Step-by-Step Guide

If you can show your audience how to accomplish something step by step, show them how! List down each of the steps they need to take in order to achieve a certain goal, take for example wanting to start a blog, then explain the steps in that process so that they know what they have to do first, second, third, etcetera.

Idea number 4: The Product Review

People are looking for reviews about stuff all the time. Heck, many channels on YouTube and many more blogs on the inter webs are built solely on being reviewers in their particular niche. Take a page from their book and make reviews about some hot new things people might be searching for right now.

Idea number 5: The Case Study

Hey, maybe you lost 20 pounds without changing your diet, or you made a million dollars selling t-shirts on Etsy. Why not create a case study that shows your audience a little about what went behind your success? It'll give them a ton of inspo, plus can be a really motivating story for others struggling with the same goal.

Idea number 6: An Open Letter

If you've got some thoughts about something in your niche, why not communicate it in an open letter? The open letter could be for other people in your industry, for someone who was once in your shoes a few years ago, or heck, might even be for a younger version of yourself that doesn't know what you know now.

Idea number 7: A Day in Your Life

Let's be real here, you guys. We can be a bunch of little stalkers when it comes to our favorite content creators, so why not indulge in YOUR secret stalkers and make a day in the life post that shows them what you do in a day? Show people your daily routine, or walk them through an interesting event — and yes, I'm aware people have been asking me for MY day in the life video, and I promise I will get there, right after I stop procrastinating on actually doing it.

Idea number 8: An Unpopular Opinion

Hey, maybe you've got an opinion that's wildly different from the majority of creators in your niche. Why not represent the unpopular opinion crowd and voicing out your own? Just make sure you can stand by what you believe, and — oh — don't call it an "unpopular opinion" when it so obviously is a popular stance that everyone believes anyway. Not cool, yo.

Idea number 9: Beginner Tips

You might be super good at something after doing it for years and years, but let me tell you right now, there are people out there who are just learning about that thing you're really good at. Maybe you're great at crochet or digital art. Show beginners some awesome tips you wish you knew when you first started, and watch the comments of appreciation pour in.

Idea number 10: Advanced Tips

Just like the last idea, take some tips but this time for more experienced or advanced users in your industry. Everybody is at different points in their life, esp vis-a-vis certain skills or goals, and who knows, maybe after going through your beginner tips, your audience actually finds themselves craving more advanced stuff from you down the road.

Idea number 11: Why Should I [Blank]

Why should I go vegan? Why should I buy a standing desk? Why should I NOT subscribe to Disney+? These are questions YOUR audience might be asking, so why not answer them in your own content? Give some clear benefits if you think people SHOULD do something, or on the other hand, give some very clear reasons why you think people shouldn't do something instead.

Idea number 12: A Reaction Post

Look, something super hot and trendy has just popped up in your niche! I'm in awe! I'm enraged. I'm so confused? Anytime something cool happens in your niche, like maybe a new announcement or leak just dropped, make your own reaction about it and as a bonus, this is a really cool way to trend jack and get your content noticed by new people interested in your niche.

Idea number 13: Your Worst Mistakes

When you've been doing anything for long enough, you're bound to have made some mistakes. Maybe you made some totally bad mistakes when you were a beginner skateboarder or you made these mistakes when you bought your first houseplant — by showing your audience what you might've done wrong in something they're interested in, you can help them avoid these mistakes themselves.

Idea number 14: Your Favorite [Blank]

Got a list of favorite apps or tools for studying? Can't live without these beauty products? Share your favorites to your audience! And one great thing about this idea is you can create SO much content around your favorites, so really, this idea is like a 5-in-one idea.

Idea number 15: The Myth-Buster

Look, in about every industry, every niche, there's bound to be some myths that your audience might actually believe. Give them some clarity by debunking these myths and shining the light on the truth.

Idea number 16: A What's Hot List

If there are current trends, products, events, whatever else have you that your industry is just abuzz about, compile them into a list so that you and your audience can have a conversation. Give your own take on these trending topics, and ask your audience about their thoughts on them.

Idea number 17: Ask Me Anything

"Mica, what keeps you motivated every day?" "Mica, what do you to relax?" "Mica, who does your hair?" — all questions I've gotten asked when I did AMAs on my Instagram Stories. This is always a fun thing, plus you get audience interaction, and it's just a fun way to invite people into your inner world and answer their most burning questions.

Idea number 18: Get Ready with Me

Listen up: this ISN'T just for beauty or fashion bloggers. You can put your own spin on a Get Ready with Me by showing your personal process of getting ready for, well, anything in your niche. Maybe you're into goat rearing, and you want to show aspiring goat rearers what you do to get ready for a day of goat-rearing. 

Idea number 19: A Crazy Story

Oh my God, you guys, I have the craziest story about the time I decided to do a YouTube video about 52 content ideas when you have nothing to post about. Okay, maybe not the best example. But do you have a crazy experience or story that your audience can learn something from? Maybe you had an epiphany when you were out in the supermarket, or your dog did the craziest thing and it just inspired you to share this message. Don't underestimate the power of a good story for getting an important message across. 

Idea number 20: Hitting a Milestone

Hey, maybe it's your anniversary on TikTok, or you hit your first 1k followers on Instagram. Celebrate that milestone together with your audience. I don't know about you, but I think it's always nice to be included in big new milestones of my own favorite creators.

Idea number 21: What's Next?

What's the future of your blog, your podcast, your YouTube channel? What can people expect from you next? Get them excited by sharing some snippets, excerpts, or hints about the future of your content.

Idea number 22: An Expert Breakdown

Hey, so maybe you're not 100% an expert on something, but chances are you know somebody that is. It could be a business or brand, another creator, or someone super notable in your niche. So what you can do is compile some expert tips, strategies, processes — anything that that expert is doing and break that down for your audience. As an added bonus, this might even get you on that expert's audience's radar.

Idea number 23: The Ultimate Guide

Okay, these are always my personal favorite types of content to make: an ultimate guide. If there's a massive post you can create about a specific topic, if that challenge excites you, then go ahead and create a guide that shows your audience everything they need to know in your niche.

Idea number 24: What's In Your [Blank]

Depending on your niche, you can show people what's in your work bag, your makeup bag, your carry-on, your bookshelf, your pantry, your work desk — whatever! Find something in your niche to show your audience and ask them for their reactions about what you've got in, you know, whatever it is that you got.

Idea number 25: Your Go-to Toolkit

Man, I could have definitely thought of a better name for this, but anyway, the go-to toolkit takes your audience through your personal toolkit for getting stuff done in your niche. If you're in tech, for example, you're probably reviewing a ton of different cameras and vlogging gear, so people are probably curious: what are you actually using in your day-to-day vlogs and channel? This type of content just gives people an idea of what you actually use and benefit from on a daily basis, even if you are out there creating reviews about anything new in the market.

Idea number 26: A What-To-Expect Post

What should people expect in their first month of horseback riding? What do I need to know before I apply for a visa to this country? There are people out there looking for information about things that you've probably done all the time, and by giving them an idea about what to expect, you can help them better prepare for their first time doing it.

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Idea number 27: Take Them on a Tour

Think house tour, room tour, studio tour, kitchen tour, closet tour, desk tour, world tour. Okay, maybe not that last one. But this is just about one of those more personal things that let your audience in, let them learn about you via a personal space that you probably interact with every single day.

Idea number 28: Share the Creator Love

Hey, this one's really fun. If there are other creators, accounts, businesses, brands, etcetera that your audience should probably know about, spread the love! Tell them about other podcasts in your niche, share other studygram accounts they might like, or spread the word about an event in your industry they should also attend. One secret to being a more joyful creator: when we lift other creators up, we lift ourselves up along the way.

Idea number 29: The Collaboration

Can you maybe find a creator with a similar audience size that you can collaborate with? Get them on your account. Create collaborative posts together with the goal to create something even better than it might have been if you'd done it alone. Honestly, who doesn't love collaborating with fellow creators?

Idea number 30: The Expert Interview

Okay, this is kind of like a collaboration, but instead, you're going to be interviewing an expert in a particular topic in your niche. There's zero shame in admitting you might not know it all, so why not get an expert on to fill in the gaps of your content or provide immense value that you probably couldn't yourself?

Idea number 31: Do-It-With-Me

I've seen videos like this in every niche you can imagine. Workout with me, study with me, read with me, work with me, paint with me, build with me, bake with me — put on that creative cap and think of something that you can take your audience along with you that is, of course, related to your niche.

Idea number 32: The Super Quick Guide

This is kind of the opposite of the Ultimate Guide that we talked about before. In some way, the Super Quick Guide can even be a bite-sized version of that ultimate guide, where you show your audience everything they need to know about something but compressed into a tiny or quick post.

Idea number 33: The Grand Reveal

If you're working on something super big, drop hints to your audience about what it is. Then when the time finally comes, make a big deal out of that thing. Honestly, consider this your sign to make that big reveal a big reveal. You've been working on something hard for this long, you deserve to celebrate it and make a big deal out of it.

Idea number 34: The Year in Review

Look at your year and share some major milestones that happened, some big fails you're learning from, and generally how you feel coming into a new year. I always find these types of posts fun, I'm a big fan of debriefing and reflecting, so this should come as no surprise.

Idea number 35: Do's and Don'ts

There are probably a ton of things your audience needs to know when it comes on what to do and what NOT to do to achieve something in your niche. Maybe it's what they should do when they buy their very first Samsung phone, or what they shouldn't do if they're trying to build muscle. Whatever it is, share a helpful list of those do's and don'ts and help your audience get to where they wanna be faster.

Idea number 36: The Video Essay

If you've spent any time looking through this channel, you'll know that I absolutely love video essays, I abuse video essays, they just satisfy this inner need I have to contemplate, reflect, and communicate using a through-line and supporting examples and stories. And even if you don't regularly do videos on your chosen platform, this might be a cute moment to let people see and hear from you talking about something that you consider important.

Idea number 37: Event Highlights

Maybe you attended this super awesome event in your industry. Share the highlights that you found most interesting and get your audience to engage. Maybe you went to a OnePlus event or you went to WWDC or VidCon or something. Whatever it is, it's always fun to share highlights and get your audience part of the conversation with you.

Idea number 38: The Rant

You know what I absolutely can't stand?! People ranting all the time! Like, why do we rant online? Seriously, is there no— bleep In all seriousness, if you've got a bone to pick with anything in your niche or industry, make a tasteful rant about it. You might be surprised how many people end up agreeing with you.

Idea number 39: I Changed My Mind About [Blank]

Maybe you once said on the internet that there is NO animated adult TV show better than BoJack Horseman. Then comes along an EXTREMELY awesome new TV show that just gets you to change your mind. If that's the case, share that experience and the reasoning behind you deciding that, hey, you've got a new opinion now, and you're not afraid to share it.

Idea number 40: A Resource List

As creators, it's important to acknowledge that, hey, there's always going to be someone or something that knows about a particular topic more than we do, so why not compile all those resources, all that content, into a single post? Resources can be links to articles or studies or data, or basically anything that wasn't necessarily created by you, but you instead compile these things into something helpful for your audience.

Idea number 41: I Got a Theory

Hey, so I got a theory that people don't watch my videos all the way through here, and you know what, if you DID make this far already, leave a comment saying "I heart flamingos" and let's really confuse the rest of the comment section, ja feel me? Or not, I mean, it's your life. But anyway, if you DO have some theories, some speculations to share about a topic in your niche, let 'er rip!

Idea number 42: The Before and After

If there's a cool transformation that you can share, show your audience some before and afters. Maybe you recently did a bedroom makeover, or you had a total body transformation. Whatever the case, it's always cool for people to see befores and afters of things, especially to inspire and motivate them, so this is always a cool idea.

Idea number 43: Story Time

I did already mention ideas like telling a crazy story or doing a case study early on in this video, but storytimes can be different. Storytimes might not be as crazy a story or show the results of an experiment or strategy — it could seriously just be that: a story, kind of like doing an open journal. You can talk about your experience of running your first marathon, the story of how you tried to vlog for an entire month nonstop, whatever it is, if you can come up with a really good story to keep people engaged, then I see no reason why you shouldn't tell it.

Idea number 44: Participate in a Challenge

Is there a cool challenge you can either A) join or B) start yourself? If so, this might be really cool to create. Whether the challenge is a one-time thing, kinda like the cinnamon challenge or something, or it's an ongoing, long-term thing like a 2-week workout challenge, why not create content about yourself trying that?

Idea number 45: Start a Series

Okay, this is kind of a cheat because a series, being a series, obviously has more than just one part so you're really gonna have more than 52 content ideas at the end of this. Either way, start a series about ANYTHING in your niche: maybe you have a short series of tutorials that you publish week after week for the next 5 weeks, or you decide to do a really long series documenting something ongoing in your life or business or whatever. Either way, it's a cool way to keep your audience coming back for more.

Idea number 46: A Must-Have List

Similar to a go-to toolkit like I mentioned before, the must-have list tells your audience what they might absolutely need to achieve a certain goal you're always creating content about in your niche. What are must-have things if you want to start a printing business, what are must-have things if you make a website? Treat this as a checklist for your audience so that nothing falls through the cracks.

Idea number 47: FAQs

In any niche, in any industry, there are bound to be some FAQs — or frequently asked questions — about specific topics and etcetera that your audience is dying to find answers to. Make it super simple to answer those burning questions by finding some FAQs people are asking in your industry, then create a post that answers these. This is different from an ask-me-anything mostly because you don't need to wait for people to ask you these questions, you just go out and answers them.

Idea number 48: The Long-term Review

I know I covered doing a review way earlier in this video, but I really can't miss out on mentioning this. A lot of products, strategies, online courses, you know that kinda thing, some of these things need a long term review so that audiences might know just how good these things hold up. For products, it's easy: audiences want to know if, like, this gaming laptop is still super good like half a year later, but even for things like courses, it also applies: do the lessons in the course still do you good even months later? Are there maybe updates or new things that have come up since your initial review? These are always helpful to know, and it's worth considering if you're reviewing something that's meant to have immense value over time.

Idea number 49: Some Unsolicited Advice

I consider advice posts to be really helpful if there's just no easy way to present an idea or topic you might want to talk about in your head. Maybe there's some extremely overrated advice already on the inter webs that you wanna debunk, or too many people in your niche are doing this thing that just isn't actually serving them well.

Idea number 50: The BTS

And, no, I don't mean the K-pop group. Though honestly, why NOT make content about the k-pop group? I'm kidding. I'm obviously using BTS to mean behind-the-scenes here, so why not take your audience behind the scenes for an important thing you're working on? Especially if it ties in to a grand reveal or a big project that you want to reveal to them, giving them a peek behind the curtain can be super cool.

Idea number 51: The History Lesson

And wait, before you say, "What the heck, Mica? A history lesson? That's boring!" hear me out. There might be some super cool stuff in your niche or industry that people don't really know much about, especially where it might have come from or what went into turning it into the thing it is today. Why not flex a little bit of your research skills and give your audience a fun and engaging walkthrough about something really iconic in your niche? If anything, it'll show you're a serious content creator that knows their stuff.

Idea number 52: The Massive List

Okay, I had to just end this one here: make a massive list dedicated to just one topic kinda like this video. Look, if you can't do crazy stuff like Mr. Beast does, then you don't have to. You might just be able to get away with creating a massive list, either a rank list, an ideas list, or really anything. Also as a side note, I'm quite a fan of doing massive lists myself and my 350+ passion project ideas list is still currently the top post on my blog, so that's just a fun fact for ya.

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