5 Must-Try Tips to Break Through Blogger’s Block

March 7, 2019

First off, let me just say that blogger’s block – you know, that feeling of not knowing what to write next, where to go with your blog, and even feeling like giving up because things just get too overwhelming?

I’ve been there.

And you’re not alone, my friend! So many bloggers out there experience the same thing. (Heck, you’re probably going through it right now, and that’s why you’re here.)

When it comes to your productivity and goal-slayer journey, I don’t believe in making drastic changes just yet. Instead, consider these 5 super-easy, must-try tips to help you get over the dreaded blogger’s block.

Got a case of the dreaded blogger's block? Check out these 5 easy, must-try tips to break through the overwhelm and writer's block. Share this with someone who wants to learn how to beat writer's block!
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Jot down ideas as they come to you

One of the hardest things about having blogger’s block is sitting down in front of your computer, opening up a blank document and then…nothing. Like the writing mojo has just been sucked out of you.

When the ideas just aren’t coming, you’ll probably find yourself in a pretty exhausting cycle: sit and type a line or two, delete them, write them again, delete them – until you finally just give up.

Which isn’t ideal, as I’m sure you know.

Instead of trying to churn out a whole 1,000-word blog post in one sitting, try and get rid of some of the pressure. The more you try to force yourself to write, you might find that it backfires and the blogger’s block gets worse.

To help with this, I’ve found that it’s worth jotting down ideas as they come to me. For me, this might mean having my favorite pretty notebook handy at all times. Or when I forget to bring it, my phone’s Notes app always does the trick.

And, hey, no worries if you can’t drop everything you’re doing to type out that entire blog post! Just jot down the ideas that come, maybe a quick outline if you can hack it, then return to write out the whole post later.

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Write up your posts in stages

Some time back, I shared exactly how I set up my week and practice task batching for my blog. I used to struggle with the whole “oh no, look at all the things I need to get done today” rabbit hole, and task batching was the key to ditch the overwhelm and actually get things done.

(Side bonus: when I’m feeling particularly overwhelmed. I like to make lists. A lot of lists.)

So don’t worry about having to write your new blog post in one sitting (or even one day). Instead, you might want to consider breaking up those tasks into small, actionable chunks per day.

If you want to use my own task batching schedule for reference, you might want to devote a couple days a week to writing. Another day, you might want to take photos to use for your post. Yet another day might be going back and proofreading.

And this makes sense. After all, who wants to be doing the same thing over and over every day? 🙂

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Go somewhere…else

Hey, no one loves a good coffee shop or co-working space more than me.

And it turns out, other people feel the same. If you’re used to writing blog posts at home or at your desk, shake things up a little!

If you can spend a bit, maybe you can do some writing over a cup of coffee at your favorite café. Or maybe there’s a nearby park you can zone out in?

(Just be sure to get your hands on some wifi hotspot devices with unlimited data or tether your laptop to your phone for some internet!)

This novelty is a good signal for your brain to get out of that annoying blogger’s block. So go on, get out of the house, and get crackalacking!

Ditch perfection

I totally get it: you want this next blog post to be so, so amazing. So you grab your laptop, put on some of the most productivity-inducing instrumental music, wear your special unicorn socks, sit in the most perfect part of the room, and then…


You’re paralyzed by what to do next because everything just needs to be…perfect.

Newsflash: there will never be perfect circumstances to start writing that new blog post.

Maybe the room is too dark, or you’re feeling too cold, or you didn’t get your afternoon nap that day. Whatever it is, there’s no use waiting for the perfect time or thinking that whatever you do is going to be perfect.

Write that first draft, and don’t worry about it being a mess or grammatically incoherent. Remember, you can always go back to revise later!

What I always say: progress is progress is progress. Even 10 minutes’ worth of progress is better than zero. And if you only have 10 minutes, then here’s handy list of 15 things you can do in just 10 minutes or less.

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Take a break

If you’ve been busting your butt all week and really, really can’t muster the words to complete that blog post, maybe you just need a break.

One thing I advocate so strongly is self-care. And a part of self-care is slowing down and giving yourself a break whenever you need.

You can’t keep going when you’re already burnt out. So, don’t sweat it, okay?

Go out and experience new things, have a good time with friends, consume other creators’s content, go play with your dog! Just do what makes you happy. No one’s gonna judge – and besides, that blog post will be waiting for you right when you get back anyhow.

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