You’re a dream-chaser.

You’ve got a million dreams you want to turn into reality. And you know that’s a possibility.

You’re a goal-getter.

You know what you want. And you’re willing to be the unapologetic hustler you have to be to get what you want.

But here’s the problem…
  • Everything. Is. So. Overwhelming. Where do you even begin?
  • Your fear of being judged for your goals pains you. What are “they” going to say?
  • And there’s the crippling self-doubt. Are your dreams and goals even worth the chase?

You’re suddenly asking yourself if you’re better off with the “safe route.” You know. The one where you get out of college and get a job and work that job until you’re 60, and you retire, and that’s it. Probably a family along the way. Maybe a new house or a new car is in the plan.

Sounds pretty good. You’ll be happy-ish, right?

But what if there’s something more?

I hear you.

And I’m here to tell you: yes, there is something more.

And if you’re still here, that means you know it too.

Whoa! But back up. Who am I to tell you that, even?

I’m glad you asked.

Hi, I’m Mica – Mica Gonzalez.

And I champion the dream-chasers, the goal-getters, and the unapologetic hustlers.

In other words, I love helping big-dreaming, passion-chasing, business-thinking people start their own profitable side hustles (and full-blown businesses!) based on what makes them get up in the morning.

Early 2018, I started my blog Mind of Mica for the multi-passionate millennial (and millennial-at-heart) who just knows that there’s something more out there for them.

And I realized it as early as my university days.

There I was, a college student who’d already gone through 15 years of non-stop schooling. But I was also a broke college student – cut off from my allowance in the most important summer of my life: summer before senior year. I knew I had to make money to fund all the cool stuff I wanted to do, but the problem was: I didn’t want to get a typical summer job at some café or restaurant.

I wanted to make money doing something I loved. Something that would get me out of bed in the morning.

And I’m personally in love with writing – so I started a freelance writing service.

There I was, not 20 years old, deciding that I wanted to help small businesses and companies with their blogs and online content. I’d never worked for anyone my entire life, my portfolio was but the blog posts I’d written back in 2013 on a myblogname-wordpress.com site, but I soldiered on anyway.

Before I knew it, I was booking client after client after client. I was earning double the allowance my parents gave me in college. I was getting too many inquiries that I actually had to pass on potential clients to other people.

And I was happy. I was earning money doing something I loved to do.

Fast forward to a couple years later, and I’d started a couple other wildly fun, successful side hustles. I realized that it was so, so, so possible to make money from your passion projects – both on the side and even as a full-time venture.

So I wanted to help other people do the same. Other people like you.

Here’s the thing:

  • I’ve also been told it’s hard to pursue my passion.
  • I’ve also been super pumped to make money doing what I love – and yes, I have been overwhelmed about where to even start.
  • And I’ve tripped, fumbled, and dragged myself by the elbows just to figure out the whole process.

But I’ve learned from all of that.

That’s why I filled my blog with nothing but concrete, valuable, actionable advice and tips for starting successful passion projects-turned-side hustles – so you can craft the real life you want to live, one side hustle step at a time. Everything I’ve learned is all here.

You’ll find anything from beating the everyday overwhelm of starting a passion-based side hustle to setting attainable goals all the way to the gruesome follow-through for turning those goals into milestones.

If you want to, stick around. I teach people with zero-to-minimal side hustle experience on how to get crystal clear on their big idea, how to get clients and customers, and even how to actually cut through the million-item to-do list involved in launching a profitable side hustle.

But before I go!

As a parting gift for reading all the way here, I invite you to sign up for my 5-Day Passion to Profit Challenge. It’s an email training series I designed to help you go from passion project to profitable side hustle – without all the fluff and waiting. You’ll get extremely valuable lessons, handy workbooks, and nothing but actionable advice in those 5 days.

You’ll also get weekly tips, advice, and prompts from me to helping you design that awesome new side hustle-slash-business.

Just click the photo below to get started!

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See you around,

Mica Gonzalez



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